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We consider it an honor & privilege to help you get out of pain, and get you back doing the things you love to do!

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Carpal tunnel syndrome Burlington

Carpal tunnel syndrome essex

Carpal tunnel syndrome Shelburne

Carpal tunnel syndrome south Burlington

Carpal tunnel syndrome Williston

Custom orthotics Burlington

Custom orthotics Essex

Custom orthotics Shelburne

Custom orthotics south Burlington

Custom orthotics Williston

Exercises for low back pain burlington

Exercises for low back pain essex

Exercises for low back pain Shelburne

Exercises for low back pain south Burlington

Exercises for low back pain Williston

Fall prevention Burlington

Fall prevention essex

Fall prevention Shelburne

Fall prevention south Burlington

Fall prevention Williston

Hip pain Burlington

Hip pain essex

Hip pain Shelburne

Hip pain sout Burlington

Hip pain Williston

Joint pain Burlington

Joint pain essex

Joint pain Shelburne

Joint pain south Burlington

Joint pain wiliston

Kinesio tape Burlington

Kinesio tape essex

Kinesio tape Shelburne

Kinesio tape south Burlington

Kinesio tape Williston

Knee pain Burlington

Knee pain essex

Knee pain Shelburne

Knee pain south Burlington

Knee pain Williston

Low back pain Burlington

Low back pain Shelburne

Low back pain south Burlington

Low back pain Williston

Low Back Pain essex

Lower back pain Burlington

Lower back pain essex

Lower back pain Shelburne

Lower back pain south Burlington

Lower back pain Williston

Manual therapy Burlington

Manual therapy essex

Manual therapy Shelburne

Manual therapy south Burlington

Manual therapy Williston

Massage therapy Burlington

Massage therapy essex

Massage therapy Shelburne

Massage therapy south Burlington

Massage therapy Williston

Neck pain Burlington

Neck pain essex

Neck pain Shelburne

Neck pain south Burlington

Neck pain Williston

Pain management Burlington

Pain management essex

Pain management shelburne

Pain management south Burlington

Pain management Williston

Physical therapist Burlington

Physical therapist essex

Physical therapist Shelburne

Physical therapist south Burlington

Physical therapist Williston

Physical therapy Burlington

Physical therapy essex

Physical therapy Shelburne

Physical therapy south Burlington

Physical therapy Williston

Postural restoration Burlington

Postural restoration essex

Postural restoration Shelburne

Postural restoration south burlington

Postural restoration Williston

Shoulder pain Burlington

Shoulder pain essex

Shoulder pain Shelburne

Shoulder pain south Burlington

Shoulder pain Williston

Treatment for arthritis Burlington

Treatment for arthritis essex

Treatment for arthritis Shelburne

Treatment for arthritis south Burlington

Treatment for arthritis Williston

When you’ve been injured, are experiencing physical pain or have impaired mobility, it affects your life... often in ways you never expected. At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, our skilled, experienced therapists understand how pain and injury can dramatically impact your daily life. And we know that your relief and recovery depend on getting individualized treatment that focuses on you and the particulars of your unique situation.

Owned and operated by Vermonters from this community, Cornerstone Physical Therapy has earned a reputation for helping thousands of people like you overcome their physical challenges and get back to living their lives. By combining diverse experience and skills, a unique approach to complete physical health and a genuine love for what we do, our team of physical therapists has even helped get great results for people who have lived with problems for many years!

We look forward to being the cornerstone of your complete recovery!

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