We look forward to being the cornerstone to your complete recovery!

When you’ve been injured, are experiencing physical pain or have impaired mobility, our skilled, experienced therapists understand. PAIN MANAGEMENT and recovery depend on getting individualized treatment that focuses on you and the particulars of your unique situation.
Cornerstone Physical Therapy has earned a reputation for helping thousands of people like you overcome their physical challenges and get back to living their lives.
Combining diverse experience and skills, a unique approach to complete physical health and a genuine love for what we do, our team of physical therapists has even helped get great results for people who have lived with problems for many years!


At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we do things differently!


Your body is a complex network !

Here at Cornerstone Physical Therapy, our unique approach to rebuilding your physical health is founded on many years of experience and training. We have a team of physical therapists who have honed their skills in a wide variety of holistic, traditional and specialized methods, giving us the ability to achieve optimal results for even the most challenging cases. Regardless of your presenting problem, be it carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, fall prevention, pain in the low back, neck or any joint area we will help you achieve lasting results.


Caring physical therapists that focus on your complete recovery!
Owner of Cornerstone Physical Therapy

Holly Spence, PT PRC

Owner & Physical Therapist

A talented physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics , Holly founded Cornerstone Physical Therapy in 1999 based on the Postural Restoration Institute Methodology. Through continued education and advanced training including Postural Restoration, spinal stabilization and much more- Holly is the powerhouse behind this great team!

Physical Therapist

Amy B. Kinneston

Physical Therapist

Amy has been in helping people reach their wellness goals through physical therapy since she graduated from Northeastern University in 1985. Since then she expanded her knowledge base to include advanced knowledge in the areas of balance and fall prevention, urinary in continence, musculoskeletal dysfunction, Postural Restoration, protonics and more! Amy is a true gem and has extensive experience and training.

Michelin S. Carroll, PT, ATC

Michelin S. Carroll, PT, ATC

Physical Therapist & Certified Athletic Trainer

After graduating from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy and Physical Education with a concentration in sports medicine has more than 24 years of out-patient orthopedic experience as a physical therapist. Michelin's treatment philosophies are based upon extensive continuing education and involve various manual and therapeutic exercise approaches, strength and exercise training and a strong influence from the Postural Restoration Institute

Wayne Villenueve, PT

Wayne Villeneuve, PT

Physical Therapist

Wayne graduated from Ithaca College with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 2000.  Following graduation he worked at Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii and treated a diverse patient population with orthopaedic and neurological injuries.   Wayne was a physical therapist for the University of Vermont working with students, staff, and athletes.  Some of his clinical interests include athletic rehabilitation and vestibular therapy. His continuing education includes Postural Restoration™, Mulligan mobilization techniques, and foot biomechanics.


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    We care about your complete recovery.
    Because your pain or injury is unique, Cornerstone Physical Therapy uses an adaptive, integrated approach to your recovery.
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    One on One Physical Therapy/training sessions: You are our top priority when you book a session with a CPT physical therapist, you will receive 45 minutes of personal attention, which means you get the most out of your appointment time.


I am writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for a fine experience at Cornerstone P.T.  I came to you with moderate to severe back and leg pain and left with much less pain and a solid plan to move forward.  Wayne was very supportive and helpful in showing me exercises and explaining how they would make me stronger overall.  I enjoyed his clear, concise instructions a lot!  He is a pleasure to work with.   Ryan is also an asset to Cornerstone with his fine customer service skills and great personality.  I would (and have!) recommend Cornerstone to anyone in need of physical therapy. Thank you again!”



After months of pain in my left big toe joint, I sought out PT care at Cornerstone. The pain was like a burning stab that would come and go throughout the day and/or night, randomly but consistently. I saw Holly for initial assessment, then continued with Wayne. Gait analysis was done and I purchased new shoes (at a 20% discount) that provided arch and heel support and were styles that did not have heels that affected my back. I learned to do a variety of exercises that included very good breathing techniques. An x-ray of the big toe resulted in a diagnosis of degenerative joint disease. After some

specific exercises that I did faithfully and with some experimentation with shoe/ toe support inserts, I do NOT have pain anymore in my toe! If I skip my new routine, I have pain, therefore, I do not skip my routine. I learned a LOT in this process from Wayne that is very valuable as I go forward in the aging process and I am very motivated to keeping a healthy, active routine with improved breathing awareness too. Thank you!”



“I first became a patient at Cornerstone Physical Therapy in November of 2011.  I was experiencing extreme shoulder and neck pain and had read an article in Vermont Maturity about their practice and the principle of postural restoration.  I visited my regular doctor and she recommended physical therapy so I asked for a referral to their practice.  I knew it would be a longer healing process but also a longer lasting result as I would be address the underlying cause of my pain.  I met with Wayne who did a thorough evaluation and started me on some breathing and stretching exercises. As my pain lessened and I began to improve, Wayne added additional exercises to improve flexibility, range of motion and to strengthen weak areas. He was able to explain my problems and answer my questions in terms I could understand, and made sure I didn’t become too aggressive and undo my progress.

My golf swing has improved and I have added distance to my game since incorporating the exercises Wayne gave me into my weekly exercise routine. I can without hesitation say I made a good choice in selecting Cornerstone for my Physical Therapy needs and have recommended them to family members and friends.”